Interior Decoration Insurance

InteriorDecoThe Wisdom Interior Decoration Package Insurance provides a comprehensive cover for interior decoration works. It protects you against loss or damage of the works as well as your legal liability in respect of third party injury and/or property damage arising out of the contract work. With this product, you will be at ease even when your home, shop and office premises are under decoration, maintenance, and/or renovation. 





Section I – Material Damage

Provides “All Risks” cover for loss of or damage to the insured contract works and materials including flooring, tiles, wallpaper, woodenware, sanitary ware and other related decoration materials caused by fire, water, burglary or explosion, etc. during the insured contract period.


Free Extensions

  • Removal of Debris
  • Automatic Increase of Contract Value


Section II – Liability To Third Party

Protects you against legal liability in respect of bodily injury and/or property damage of the third party arising out of the insured contract works.


Free Extensions

  • Cross Liability Clause
  • Damage to Principal’s Property
  • Vibration Cover



Section III – Employees’ Compensation (available for contracts with scaffolding works up to 20% of Total Contract Value)

Indemnifies the Insured against legal liability in respect of injury sustained by employees arising out of and in the course of employment under the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance and at Common Law



  1. Age of the building shall not exceed 45 years.
  2. This insurance covers a single contract work for individual premises only.
  3. Any works for building’s public and common area, cage, cladding, neon sign and exterior signboard are excluded.
  4. No cover is provided for contract works in construction site.
  5. Any maintenance, overhauling, and inspection of machinery are excluded.
  6. Liability arising out of or in connection with installation and/or demolishing of scaffolding works is excluded.
  7. The premium is non-refundable once the cover is effected.
  8. For Contract Work without scaffolding work, the Employee’s Compensation Insurance is subject to W32 which does not indemnify the Insured in respect of any claim arising in connection with work at height exceeding 30 feet above ground or floor level.



To apply or learn more, please contact your insurance consultant.


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The above product information is for reference only. Please refer to the insurance policy for detailed terms and conditions.